Your first all-in-one

mobile payment

crypto wallet.

That pays back.

ELTO is making it effortless to instantly pay directly at local and online stores with your cryptocurrencies without having to think about exchange rates and other nuisances. Simplify your purchase.

Pay your way. Pay

with your phone in a

split second.

Paying with crypto has never been faster, easier and safer. Simply scan a QR code with your mobile phone’s camera at the register and you’re done.

ELTO cryptocurrency instant transactions are rocket fast, and when paying, you don’t need to calculate the latest exchange rates into the local currency to get it done. Whatever cryptocurrencies you have. Everything is done ellymatically.

Pay at countless of local and online stores simply and directly with Bitcoin Cash, GoC, Bitcoin, Ether, Tezos, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Viberate and GoC Gift.

It’s faster than counting those bills. It’s faster than a card. And it’s faster than, lol, change. You don’t need to think. Ok, maybe you just need to consider what you are buying. But not how you’re paying.

Go back.

Every lunch you pay. Every sneaker you buy. Every party you make. Your purchase pays back. In selected countries, you get cashback every time you pay with your ELTO crypto wallet. Why? Because.

But seriously. We’re building the largest crypto payment network in the world – much leaner and cost-effective than traditional payment systems. In this way, we can give back to our loyal users.

Buy crypto.

Buy cryptocurrencies right from the ELTO app. Top up your ELTO wallet from other crypto wallets or your bank account to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Hold it, exchange it or spend it directly.

A new, smarter

way to send


Send your cryptocurrencies to your ELTO friends for free or to other crypto wallets all from your ELTO wallet. It’s easier, safer, and faster to transfer money than you think.

With all your friends using ELTO, you’ll be able to send rocket-fast money to split lunches, settle monthly roommate costs or prepay for that ski trip. Inviting your mates to use ELTO lets you do all that. So cool, right.


Bitcoin Cash






GoCrypto Gift

Euro Token

Liquid investing.

Store, hold, sell. Invest. Safely and securely store all your cryptocurrencies in the ELTO wallet and when you want, exchange them with just one tap. Your funds as liquid as ever. As invested as never before. It’s like having cash invested and still at your fingertips.

Shop at countless

merchants accepting 


Use rocket-fast ELTO direct crypto payments at hundreds of local and internet merchants across the world. Selling their goods and services both offline and online with GoCrypto, the largest and fastest-growing direct cryptocurrency payment network in the world.

What is GoCrypto? Well, GoCrypto is a payment network operated by Eligma, the same company as behind ELTO. You see, we’ve made a payment network and a payment wallet. Makes sense, right. So GoCrypto is like the egg to ELTO. Or is it the chicken?